Must have travel essentials!

Genevieve Marshall |

If you have a trip coming up, you might want to look through this short list to see if you can add some useful items to your luggage!
The following items will simply make your life on the road easier and are excellent for both long-term and short-term travel. 

1. Packing cubes - Whether you are traveling with a suitcase or an overnight sized bag, packing cubes come in handy either way! They keep your bag super organized and easily accessible throughout your trip

2. Water bottle - A water bottle is always a must! Keeping hydrated is essential when travelling. We know how easy it is to skip keeping hydrated when in travelling chaos, so keep it close to you and be mindful to sip whilst you are on the move!


3. Comfy clothes to travel in - There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong pair of pants or top whilst traveling. Wear layers, so that you can easily slip off that jersey when it gets a little warm! 

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4. Headband - A headband is so versatile whilst traveling. Use it to tie your hair, keep your hair out of your face or as a sweat band for your wrist! 
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5. A hat - A hat is super essential! Looking after your skin whilst on the go is not something we always think about and a hat is perfect to minimize getting those rosey cheeks without knowing it! 
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We¬† will no doubt be adding more travel essentials to our blog section over time¬†‚Äď let us know what products you¬†recommend!¬†

Thanks for reading and happy traveling :) 


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