We are proud to announce a NEW Fit to go along with our awesome New Fabric!

We are proud to announce a NEW Fit to go along with our awesome New Fabric!

April 05, 2018

Over the past few years, we’ve been collecting reviews from our incredible community of adventurers and yogis.  We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our Colorado crafted Yoga pants, and best serve our community of followers.

The first big change happened late last year with the introduction of our new, thicker fabric.  Not only is our new fabric thicker to keep our pants from being see through, it has slightly more Spandex to better adapt to the curves of each unique body shape.  

We heard from you, we were on the right track to create the best Yoga Pants possible with the launch of our new fabric.  We also heard there were a couple of other minor adjustments we could make to give our pants the best fit possible, while still accentuating each unique design.  

Thanks to your feedback, we’re excited to announce the following…

  1. We’ve shortened the inseam of our Yoga Pants by 1.5”.  This means a more universally flattering fit at your ankles, and a clearer image of the art work of the pants.
  2. The addition of increased Spandex to our pants several months ago, brought raving reviews of the comfort, flexibility, and compression of the pants, but it also brought concerns of the pants being more prone to slipping down and not staying put during more active yoga postures and big movements.  This isn’t an option for a company that encourages our community to move and seek adventure!

We worked with our pattern expert, who has more than 20 years of experience in the active wear industry, and tightened up the fit of our pants, especially in the waist area.  Our community will note a more secure fitting waist band to accommodate you on all adventures big or small.

If you’ve been waiting for a shorter inseam, or you’ve experienced frustrations with your Colorado Theads pants sliding down during your outdoor adventures and indoor sweat sessions, we invite you to try our new fit.

If you liked the fit of our pants before, we can’t wait to hear what you think of our new complimentary fit and fabric!


P.S. we also just released 5 NEW Yoga Pants Designs and a couple of awesome NEW Tops!

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