'Merica Special Edition Leggings

  • Merica Leggings
  • Made with Love in Denver, COLORADO. 
  • These pants are Leggings not Yoga Pants.
  • Leggings do not have a gusset (crotch piece), and therefore will not be as comfortable for sweaty athletic endeavors.  Leggings have a narrow elastic waistband, instead of a wide fabric waistband.
    • Made out of our ultra comfortable Recycled PET Water Bottle Fabric.
    • Foldover waistband with elastic
    • Active Seem.

    Checkout reviews below or click Here to see how others are enjoying our yoga pants.  

  • Size Chart


    Size W's Size Inseam Waist
    XS 00-0 32" 22.5"
    S 2-4 32" 24.5"
    M 6-8 32" 26.5"
    L 10-12 32" 28.5"
    XL 12-14 32" 30.5"
  • We use fabric made out of Recycled P.E.T. water bottles and the most sustainable practices when manufacturing our Active Wear.

    Our Recycled Fabric:
    • Reduces energy consumption by 84% compared with production of new polyester raw material from petroleum.
    • Cuts CO2 emissions by 77% - equal to a stand of 228 cedar trees.
    • Saves 30 plastic bottles from the ocean or the land fill on average per pair.


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