In 2014, we set out to improve the Earth by keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans. In doing so, we became one of Colorado’s most iconic activewear brands. Since then, Colorado Threads has expanded universally throughout 23 countries. We are more than just apparel, we are dreamers, sunset chaser, highflyers, and endless explorers on a tireless journey to capture our next adventure. 

Colorado Threads is kindred with living mindfully, practicing wellness, being grateful, and living the most sustainable life possible. While we have made a lot of progress since 2014, we are still working to do better for you and the planet. We use each day as an opportunity to continue learning and evolving towards a healthier future.


• Do good for the community

• Do good for the environment

• Help you explore every moment

Go beyond HOW it is made, think about WHERE it is made.

At Colorado Threads, we believe location is important. That's why we proudly produce our items locally in Denver, Colorado. We work with companies that ensure workplace safety and carry out thorough inspections to guarantee favorable working conditions.


It is no secret that the global textile and apparel industry is one of, if not, the largest polluters globally. It's responsible for huge amounts of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. Based on that, you might be thinking, why would we get into this industry if it hurts the planet so much? 

The answer is quite simple, two things that are guaranteed to continue are; the need for clothes, and consumer waste. As a company, we want to do our part in becoming educators and explorers on the potential of everything we can create with recycled materials. That said, each pair of our leggings is made from 13.1 BPA FREE recycled PET water bottles. Yes, you read that right!

While some of our clothes are currently not made from recycled material, we are working tirelessly to change that. As you can imagine, it is a long journey to create and perfect recycled items like this locally here in Denver, Colorado. While we have faced a few roadblocks along the way, we are continuing our pursuit to make sure all of our apparel is made from post-industrial waste and other post-consumer plastics such as discarded textiles and ocean waste. 

Our eco-smart solution allows us to lower the environmental impact of clothing production and consumption while continuing to create high-quality recycled polyester fabrics. It also allows us to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and energy consumption compared to conventional polyester. The high-quality fibers we use have an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification to ensure that the recycled yarns are free of harmful substances.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you’re one of us! Please know that your support literally means the world, and we’re excited to take this journey with you towards a better way of living. Join us in changing the apparel industry, making the world a better place, and turning moments into memories!


Escape the everyday with your Colorado Threads and impact the world in a positive way!

We designed our logo heavily around who we are and what we aim for. The three stitch lines indicate air, water, land, and how we strive to impact all three in a positive way. As for the outer cuts on the circle, the bottom cut is centered on the logo which indicates sea level. The top cuts indicate above sea level, which is where Denver sits. This is important because our items are made right here in Denver.